• Nil DAO: refers to the decentralized cooperative leveraging the Nil Protocol v1.
  • Nil Primary market: Nil is a primary market focused NFT marketplace.
  • Nil Creator Program: refers to the process to become a Nil labeled creator.
  • Nil Referral Program: refers to the opportunity for anyone to refer a creator and receive 6.66 of the $vNIL generated by the creator
  • Creator Generating Sequence: refers to the new $vNIL minted when a creator drop on Nil
  • $NIL: refers to the governance token used by the Nil DAO.
  • $vNIL: refers to unvested $NIL
  • Nil Karma: refers to the Karma Score of a collector
  • Curation Power (CP) - not live: consumable amount of points curators can allocate to support creators.
  • Staking 🔲² : denomination of an user staking at least 1 $NIL and 1 n.
  • Vesting : refers to a time schedule during which $vNIL are continuously streamed for $vNIL