Generating $NIL

Nil DAO tokenomy 101


Earn completely

  • Nil DAO does not initially charge fees for creators using the platform
  • You earn 100% of your sales revenues
See details in Earn completely

Own your tool

Nil endeavors to give creators ownership over their production means.

In addition to their sales revenues, creators generate $vNIL proportionally to the support demonstrated by the N stakeholders. Creators gain ownership over the ecosystem they contribute to, the greater their input, the greater their holdings.
This mechanism is referred to as the Creator Generating Sequence.

How does the Creators Generating Sequence works?

The mechanism by which $vNIL are generated depends of a threshold of N holders the creator needs to gather amongst their drop minters.
  1. 1.
    Labeled creators drop collections on Nil
  2. 2.
    If a certain amount of N holders mint their pieces, a Creator Generation Sequence is triggered.

What is the threshold to reach?

  • The initial threshold is fixed to 22% with a minimum of 10 N holder mints, and a maximum possible requirement of 1,000 N holder mints.
  • The creator needs to receive a minimum of 10 ETH from n holders
In other terms, a labeled creator using Nil to distribute a collection composed of 100 items will need to have at least 22 n holders among their minters.

$vNIL Generation - Main track

The amount of $vNIL generated depends on the sales revenue generated by each drop. The greater the revenue, the greater the $vNil generated.
  • The amount of $vNIL generated per $ETH revenue follows a bonding curve which depends on drop number on the Nil platform.
  • There is therefore a premium for creators joining the Nil Cohort early on.

$vNIL Generation - Alpha track

  • Nil is built to welcome all forms of creations, music, photography, generative art, etc; and creators.
  • All creators are not the same in their creative journey. Depending on their situation they do need different services and benefits from Nil.
  • This is why ArtBlock introduced ArtBlock Playground.

Alpha Track (AT)

  • AT is a secondary stage designed for emerging creators looking for massive leverage.
  • Creators dropping on the Alpha track benefit from all the advantages associated with Nil; support in creations distribution, collectors network access, $vNIL generation, access to Nil Cohort.
  • The only difference with the main track is the $vNIL generating bonding curve which is less important than the one of the main track.

Tokens distribution

Behind each creator stands an ecosystem of supporters and collectors. Nil's ambition is to harmonise the relationship between them by rewarding each participant for their contributions.
  • There is a reward for joining the Nil ecosystem early on. The earlier a creator releases on the platform, the greater the $vNIL proportion they generate.
  • $ETH is the standard currency used to sell on Nil. In addition creators can choose to accept $NIL as a payment method, giving them control over the $NIL supply as well as the $NIL demand.

$vNIL Distribution:

  • 80% of the generated $vNIL goes to the creator
  • 13.34% is distributed to their initial spot-lighters Curating on Nil
  • 6.66% is distributed to their referrer Referral Program

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