Distributing on Nil

Nil is the first creators' launchpad

Nil is a Primary Market focused marketplace.
The DAO is focused on abstracting technical requirements from creators by providing them built-in modular distribution standards.
Nil was founded on the premise of tackling the difficulties at the foundation of the creator economy. While DeFi protocol founders enjoy a large choice of distribution options, artists are constrained to very limiting mechanisms, namely auctions for single editions and fixed mint prices for large drops.
In addition to those concerns, NFT success has raised a singular challenge.
As mentioned by Hasu and Anish, the NFT ecosystem is becoming a “highly adversarial environment full of idiosyncrasies that already alienate inexperienced users.”
The exploitation of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) advantages has led to harmful behaviours for creators, reducing their potential to widely distribute their creations in respect to a randomized distribution design.
By building a complete modular distribution standard for NFTs, Nil is giving the power back to creators while protecting collectors from such harms.

The most modular distribution mechanism

Nil abstracts the technical challenges linked to NFT primary market distribution.

Creators can customise:

  • The price time-sequencing
  • Community pre-sale listing
  • The supply dynamic evolution
Nil contributors accompany creators in their project and build with them the distribution mechanism that fits their needs.
Ethereum $ETH, is the currency used by default on the Nil Primary market

Unleash powerful network effects

Carried by a DAO first ethos, Nil offers creators a wide community of collectors looking to collect, support and amplify their work.


  • Unlock network effects
  • Instantly access a built-in community of collectors and supporters
  • Get visibility for their work

Earn completely

  • Nil DAO does not initially charge fees for creators using the platform
  • You earn 100% of your sales revenues
In addition to those primary sales revenues, creators can expect to generate $NIL.

To conclude

While the ecosystem is saturated by a stifling noise, Nil is a safe place for qualitative artists to leverage a supportive build-in community. 
A powerful launchpad for creators to nurture a long term relationship with their collectors.
The access to the Nil services is exclusively accessible to the Nil Creators cohort.
Join them now!