First sequence

With great power comes great responsibility.
The first curation sequence is not live at launch.


The first curation sequence is done via a voting mechanism. Once a creator has applied to join the Nil cohort, curators can signal their support by allocating them some Curation Power (CP). Artists then need to reach an algorithmically determined threshold of CP to be labeled.
The curation power used by curators to label artists is a consumable balance of points generated by staking $NIL and N.
By immutably recording the connection between a creator and their early supporters, Nil unlocks an innovative on-chain relationship between the two. Creators can leverage this connection, by offering advantages to their early supporters.
This mechanism is inspired by The Graph Network’s incentive of providing Indexing and Curating services. Signalling to Indexers which APIs to index may not be much different than signalling to Collectors which NFTs to have a look at.

Curation Power

Generating Curation Power

  • Stake your $NIL and n to generate Curation Power
  • Curation Power is a balance of consumable points

Using Curation Power

  • Support applying creators by allocating them some of your CP
The first curation sequence is not live at launch.


  • Spot-lighters are economically linked to the success of the creators they support.
  • Up to 20% of the $vNIL generated by the creators they highlighted is redistributed to those spot-lighters.
  • The 20% are distributed at the pro-rata of the support the spot-lighter provided.