Nil Karma

  • Nil DAO constantly looks to incentivize long-term relationships between collectors and creators.
  • Nil Karma is an aid to favor those deep-rooted relations.

Introducing the Nil Karma Score (KS).

  • The Karma Score (KS) is an abstraction measuring collectors’ relationship to their drops.
  • The Karma Score is a positive score.
  • It rewards collectors showing a long-term mindset, without penalizing other participants.
  • Nil is about freedom.
  • The karma score is a service Nil DAO provides to artists, it is not mandatory.
  • The karma score may serve as a replacement for pre-sale private lists, which are always opaque and based on personal connections while the KS stands as transparent equitable leverage.

Karma maths


  • All wallets start with 1,000 points

Earn Karma

  • Mint a Nil piece > +2pts per piece (capped at 10pts in total)
  • Hold a Nil mint for 24h or more > +10pts per piece (capped at 20pts per collection)
  • Hold a Nil mint for 7 days or more > +1pt per piece (capped at 10pts per collection)
  • Stake a n for one week > +2pts (capped at 10pts per week per wallet)

Decrease Karma

  • Sell a Nil mint less than 4hours after a drop > -40pts (capped at -80pts per collection)
  • Sell a Nil mint less than 24hours after a drop > -10pts (capped at -40pts per collection)
  • Sell Nil mint under mint price > -20pts (capped at -40pts per collection)


  • Note that the Karma score is strictly independent of N.
  • The karma score is NOT calculated based on your n holding history.
  • Karma score is only influenced by the Nil and secondary market activities of the collector.