Arweave integration


  • Nil integrates the best technologies to ensure the permanent storage of NFT data and metadata.
  • Arweave is part of the Nil creators launchpad.

Why Arweave?

Non-fungible token (NFT) pieces are minted, sold, and traded every day. Hosted on smart contract platforms, NFT tokens themselves are as indestructible as the chain they reside on. However, oftentimes NFTs’ actual digital assets, metadata, and code are stored off-chain on centralized servers. This information is sometimes seeded to IPFS, but remains at risk of being lost forever if the wrong hard drive fails or node goes offline — just like the centralised web. Without their associated data and assets, such as digital graphics for an NFT-based art piece, NFTs themselves become functionally worthless to the end-user.
Arweave is designed to permanently store virtually unlimited quantities of data on-chain. This data is replicated many times across a global network of miners, who in turn receive rewards for storing said data. Arweave’s permanence and reliability make it an excellent fit for storing the assets, metadata, and code that back NFTs. Due to Arweave’s ‘pay once, store forever’ data storage model, NFT creators using Arweave can rest assured that their NFT’s assets will be available hundreds of years in the future.
Last modified 1yr ago