For Contributors


Initial contributors refused institutional money and all forms of pre-allocation in preference of a completely fair launch, putting the responsibility of the DAO development in the hands of the people. You are the Nil future.
The following are examples of leverages community members can contribute to. This is a non-exhaustive list.
All forms of pro active contributions are recognized, amplified and rewarded among the Nil ecosystem.


Community Expansion

  • The priority is to make sure as many as people as possible know and understand the concepts behind Nil.
  • All forms of pedagogical content are welcomed.
  • Podcasts, infographies, articles, documentation, video, guides, tutorials, all forms of content supporting individual in their Nil journeys are fantastic.
  • Periodic activities and concourse are organised in the Nil Discord

Memes and visuals

  • Nil DAO expansion relies on organical growth.
  • Memes, videos, emojis, and more are the foundations of the Nil ecosystem.
  • Share your best creations in the Discord.
  • Claim your Twitter banner, based on your Nil collected art.

On-boarding Creators

  • Creators onboarding is essential to the Nil expansion

You will forever receive 6.66% of the $NIL generated by the creator you onboard.

  • All creators are welcomed: jpeg, mp4, game, cooking recipes, etc
  • There is no distinction between generative art, hand-made, 10 supply drops, 10,000.
  • Nil is for the plurality of creators to express themselves