• Creators apply to join the Nil cohort. To be labeled, their request needs to be supported by the curator’s community.
  • Once part of the Nil cohort, creators enjoy the most creator-friendly launchpad. Abstracting technical complexity, Nil offers them extensive distribution options: community granularity, pricing flexibility, time sequencing modularity, and more.
  • Exploiting the_N_project community, Nil represents a built-in amplification network of collectors looking to collect and support creators in their journey
  • Initially, Nil DAO will not charge any primary fees.
  • In addition to their sales revenues, creators generate $vNIL proportionally to the support demonstrated by the N stakeholders. Creators gain ownership over the ecosystem they contribute to, the greater their input, the greater their holdings.
  • There is a premium for joining the Nil ecosystem early on. The earlier a creator releases on the platform, the greater the $vNIL they generate.
  • $ETH is the standard currency used to sell on Nil. Even tho, creators can choose to accept $NIL as a payment method, giving them control over the $NIL supply as well as the $NIL demand.
  • Nil Labeled creators finally enjoy a lifelong brand moat additionally to exclusive access to the Nil cohort and anechoic chambers for creators to prosper with their peers.