N Holders


The permissionless nature of the_n_project, associated with its completely fair launch, establishes this collection as an unbiased base layer on top of which creators can build, innovate and express their creativity.
Initial contributors are looking to unleash the power of n while leveraging the n community as a relay and source of support for creators.
Nil contributors are looking to reward long-term N participants by consciously applying an amplification mechanism.

At launch, each N holder is able to claim a fixed amount of $vNIL.

On top of this, a bonus mechanism is applied to reward active participation from the N holder. The bonus is a multiplier derived from the collector's on-chain behavior.
The most active n holders are able to increase their multiplier bonus up to a maximum of x3.

N holders who can claim their $vNIL at launch:

  • All N holders - snapshot was taken Wednesday, October 13, 2021 6 PM (CEST).

N holders enjoying a multiplicator bonus:

  • The N collectors who have minted their N -- x1,15
  • The N collectors who have held their n since September 09th. This multiplicator follows an exponential decay returning to 1 on the snapshot date -- x1.75
  • The N collectors who have minted n derivatives
    • Minted 1 derivative -- x1,1
    • Minted 2 derivatives -- x1,2
    • Minted 3 derivatives -- x1,3
  • The N collectors who have staked on Treasure - x1.15