Streamed $vNIL


To ensure the long-term development of the Nil DAO, airdropped tokens - $vNIL - in addition to those emitted during the Creators Generation Sequences follow a 668 days streaming period.
During this period, the $vNIL can be progressively converted for $NIL.
The $vNIL streaming has started on October-28-2021.
$vNIL holders do not need to active it themselves.


The streaming is a conscious choice to incentivize deep-rooted contributions from the participants. This mechanism is a standard way for cooperatives to encourage long-term contributions from their initial stakeholders, generally the co-founders, and VCs.
Following the same schema,all the Nil DAO contributors share a standard long-termist encoded relation.

Tokens following the $vNIL streaming :

  • Airdropped tokens
  • Initial Contributors and Advisors tokens
  • Creators Generated tokens
  • DAO Treasury tokens