$NIL is the valueless governance token of the Nil DAO

  • 1 $NIL = 1 vote
  • 1 vested $NIL = 1 vote

Fair Launch

Initial contributors refused institutional money and all forms of pre-allocation in preference of a completely fair launch, putting the responsibility of the DAO development in the hands of the people.

Tokens supply

  • There are 300,000 tokens in circulation at inception, held by the DAO treasury.
  • There are approximately 9,000 tokens -not held by the DAO- in circulation 72hours after contract deployment.
  • The $NIL max total supply is fixed to 100 million.

General Note

The Nil DAO governance token - $NIL, has a max total supply of 100 million tokens. Similar to Bitcoin, this supply will not be minted for decades to come. This is to ensure the economic security of the project and that Nil is here to stay.
Starting from now, 66% of newly generated $vNIL will go to artists while 34% will flow to the curators.