Staking 🔲 ²

Nil expansion relies on Staking 🔲 ²

NIL and n holders stake their tokens (🔲 * 🔲) to:

  • Earn more $NIL
  • Generate Curation Power (CP) to upvote creators and receive up to 20% of the $vNIL they generate.
  • Staking is a long run yield generating design. By staking collectively rather than selling before the end of the vesting, stakeholders favour the long term value accrual of their $vNIL.
  • Staking is the fundamental revenue generation mechanism of the Nil protocol. Stakers stake their NIL and n on the Nil website to earn curators revenues in addition to more NIL.
  • Staking is an autonomous, longish strategy.
Staking Rewards are not vested. In order to deal with shortfall events, after staking, a user needs to wait for 5-days before unstaking